Lawn Service

Your home is probably your biggest investment, and let’s face it: You want it to look good when people come over for a visit, or even when people simply drive through your neighborhood. And your grass is one of the first things that people see. A well-manicured lawn allows you to enhance the beauty of your home. Here at, we want to ensure that your lawn looks its very best, whether it’s summer, fall, winter, or spring. We’re here to serve you!

Our Grass Cutting Services Include:

  • Cutting your entire lawn
  • Professional edge-up
  • Trimming of your bushes in the front and back of your home
  • Grass fertilizer treatment to keep your grass green, free of weeds, and brown patches 
  • Ant, Bug & Pest Spray treatment (free of charge if requested)

You receive all of this!

The cost?

The best part about it is that we let YOU determine the price. That’s right, instead of a traditional dollar amount, we allow you to be Spirit Led, meaning you Pay What You Can. 

50% of your donation/price you choose to pay for our professional grass cutting services will be donated to the Houston Food Bank. Every $1 provides a full day of meals to our neighbors in need in Southeast Texas.

Give someone their next meal today.